As I mentioned earlier, this year minted holiday challenge was crazyyyyy.. We have over 2,200 entries. I think there are lots of blood and tears here, since minted made their first cut into about 700+ designs. Then from that 700+ designs, we got to vote who deserved to be in Top 20. Competition is fierce and result was ground breaking.

I think when it comes to design, personal preference and style certainly play a huge role. One person mite say this design is great, but to others mite not. So, win or not, it’s all back to what speak to you the most. I often found that winning designs does not necessarily sell well and vice versa. The one that sells well usually doesn’t win any award.

As for this year’s winning design: Top 10, Top 11-20, we spot a lot of simple, hand lettered designs. I guess those are in trend now. But I happen to like a lot of other great designs which showcase awesome illustration skills. Luckily minted spot them and chose them as their editor’s picks. Though my heart ached when I browsed and found some of my favourites didn’t get pick. I just think they did such an amazing job! Oh well.. I hope that won’t stop them from keep designing what is true to their belief and philosophy.

In my case, though of course I am sad not many of my designs got selected. But something cheers me up. I was selected as the SPECIAL PRIZE WINNER as the BEST RETRO/VINTAGE DESIGN (again CAPS LOCK.. just to show I am so thankful.. since I really didn’t expect my design to be picked!) I was soooo honoured… cuz there are soooo manyyyyy other great retro designs. It really made my day.. even to be exact, the news came right on my birthday, so my happiness is beyond any word. SPEECHLESS. PERIOD.

Illuminated Manuscript

illuminated manuscript assembled with backer

Originally, I named the design ‘nostalgich’ but minted changed them, maybe they found customers will hard to remember, which I’m totally fine. When you have entered so many challenges where you need to name each and every of your design, trust me-you will find a hard time in naming them. I have turned to ‘google translate’ in helping me. So far, I love their help! 😀 Now, I’m also will be asking help from ‘thesaurus’. We’ll see how that will come out.

Anyway, talking about this design. It’s my hand lettering PREMIERE!! YAYYY!! Finally my hand lettering will be sold on web. And I hope someone will buy it soon!! :p :p.. I will be so thrilled. I always love doing hand lettering but haven’t found enough time to manually scan them, draw them again/fixing them on computer. I think it’s a tedious work. But it’s also fun. In the future, I hope I will be adding more and more of my original hand lettering. My ultimate goal: to create a font!!

Not just the lettering that I love, but the backer was my favourite in this design. I imagine an old floor tile which you usually found in an antique building. And voila! There you go, the most vintage backer that I’ve ever created. By the way, just for info, besides the naming, I think creating backer once your design got selected is another hard task. I’m struggling everytime I need to create a pattern. Maybe because I don’t want to create just lines, dots, or stripes. Pheww…

Okay.. I talk too much. But if you like this design and want to send it, get it here (don’t forget to include the backer!!). I will be so happy and you will get a thank you note from me. 😀 Feel free to leave me any comments!

Adios! More winning designs story coming in your way!!