Hello again.. I know I haven’t posted for a long time.. It was because I had a super busy month! Challenges came one after another and I really didn’t want to miss it!!

After the tough minted holiday challenge, there’s another indigo holiday challenge. Indigo is a another great source for competing designers. Though the challenges and crowd are a bit different here, but I think if you have a huge passion, anything will always sound exciting!

SO, here I am sharing with you some of my holiday designs.. And pssttt… I was super duper HAPPYYYY.. that 3 of my designs managed to be in their top 10!!!! Greatly honoured, got myself motivated more.. and hey, name one person that is not happy when their design did win something?? Especially, if it’s not only one but THREE!!! So, here we go.. MY 3 WINNING DESIGNS (I just need to put that in CAPS LOCK to show how thrilled I am, plus to show that I really appreciate the winning!!) 😀 :))

I also love my other selected designs, and will share it with you in the next post. Don’t miss it!!