I have always wanted a special blog where I can talk about my design inspirations. Not just a collection of images that I’ve found, like my first ever blog, snowy squirrel. So, I’ve been ‘travelling’ around to find the best blog host to suit my needs.

Actually, I’m very much in love with tumblr. But since I really want to put my ‘minted badge’ stuffs on, and I can’t figure it out how, I forget about tumblr.

I have also started my design blog long time ago on blogspot, also called as chocomocacino, my designer’s name. But I am not so crazy with blogspot’s design though they are very easy to operate. I love how you can select fonts, colours, style and layout. Unfortunately, their themes are very limited.

As for wordpress, I love their themes and design style. But in my opinion, they are quite harder to operate than blogspot. Since I was looking for more design wise, I finally chose wordpress and this beautiful theme, chateau.

I like the design: simple, sweet and sophisticated. However, the ‘date’ type sort of bothering me. I think they are a bit too big for a blog post. And I don’t fancy the italic headings. However, I have explored all themes at wordpress. Some of them I like, but at the end I chose this ‘chateau‘ despite of its big type. Though I know that I can use typekit to upgrade the design and install some beautiful typefaces, I figured I wouldn’t have enough time to do all that. I know someone used to say that blogger is a full time job. And I am totally agree with that. It is just so time consuming, lots of tedious work and not too mention addicting!!!

More to say, I like chateau‘s header image which is Versailles of France I believe. I always love France and hoping that someday I can go or even live there! SO this image represents me a lot!! LOL.. my dreams and my perpetual inspiration. That is one big why I chose this theme. Plus, they allow me to change accent colour, which is very rare to happen here at wordpress. I am super excited about this, immediately I changed it into mint colour (or seafoam) And this is a bit out of topic, I just noticed how most of my designs that I created are using this colour.. Trust me, I really didn’t plan it. It just come out of my subconscious.. hahaha..

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying my blog. I am currently building my portfolio web too using cargo collective, but haven’t really had time in finishing it. But I promise you, it will be this year! Wait up!

Thank you for reading and cheers!