For today, I would like to talk about ‘quotemarks in love‘, my other minted wedding invitation. This one was a very simple invites and took the least time compare to others. I really didn’t expect this to win or even to be at the Top 10. I think there were SOOO MANYYYY other great designs. Truly humbled by the awards.. When the result was announced, I even was looking my design at the editor’s pick section. And was super SHOCKED to find my design in the top 10 for the first time!!! VERY VERY shocked.. Even until now I guess.

But that experience really made me want to keep making a better design. In that way, I want to have a winning design where majority of the voters will feel that the winners are well deserved.

Anw, here is a glimpse at my submissions. Below, is my other selected design, natural which I also love. Simple, sweet and lovely.. I was playing around with the type and want to make something memorable. Moreover, I am thrilled both natural and scooter (see previous post) were mentioned as the runner ups of the Special Editor’s Pick. Truly an honour got selected from 1,300+ submissions. I can’t be thankful enough! 😀

quotemarks in love