From the minted 3+ holiday challenge, my easter card ‘alla moda’ managed to rank number 8! I was thrilled. Not only it entered top 10, but since this is a competition for Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, my Easter card was the top among other easter submissions.

I am so honoured.. Since there are plenty gorgeous submissions (as usual the level of talent at minted is crazy!).

The ideas and inspiration of this card was actually quite simple. I was just playing with the basic egg’s pattern. And from the beginning, I always wanted to make a card with photography perspective illustration. I just thought it will be cool and pops out right away.

So, there I was rendering each of the pattern, thinking whether this was already a correct angle or not. Then, I applied some unusual colour palette. My first colour palette was quite normal, which I wasn’t too crazy about. With the help of eatdrinkchic (one of my favourite blog), I managed to find a much more sophisticated colour combos and loved the end result.

Moreover, I am happier when the minties like it too. Cuz sometimes you like your design, but not the minties and it sort of made you think again. Here are the snapshots of my design and the assembled version which you can get here

And one little secret, the backer of alla moda was actually harder to design than the front. But I REALLY LOVE it!!! What about you??