Hello! I am excited to introduce you to my first wedding stationery sale on minted! I named this one ‘scooter’ and if you like it, you can get it here. Minted is a great online community where designers (and non designers) are able to submit their best designs to compete. The top ranked and some of their editors picks will be sold on their website.

This invite was certainly my fav among my submissions, though it didn’t win top 10 like my other design, quotemarks in love. I really had fun in doing it, from getting the ideas, drawing it, creating the conversation line, etc. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to create something fun and cheerful that will make people smile or think twice. And added with one of my favourite colour, mint green (or seafoam) voila! Here you go..

Some information, the latest winners and picks of minted’s wedding invitation challenge were extraordinary, i think. You should definitely check them out. I have plenty of my favourites too. In short, it is thrilling to join the community. You learn, you grow and you conquer! (hopefully. :D)